Reveris is creating an environment that embraces esports and technology. We discover talent, link disruptive ideas, and empower startups. We bring entrepreneurship to a passionate and creative industry, generating opportunities for business and innovation.


Esports & tech hub. A multifunctional meetup space with entertainment and professional programmes. A platform with networking and educational events on esports, business, and technology. Promoting knowledge exchange, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

Startup factory. A business accelerator that will take ambitious ideas and talented individuals from the community and grow them into startups. And a team of specialists operating as a startup studio to prototype promising ideas from within our ranks and spinning them off.

Partners Network. The B2B entry point for esports and technology. Helping our partners with business development, creating new opportunities, identifying synergies and connections. On the outwards offering access to esports services, products, consultations, investments.

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